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Making An Offer

You've found a home? Congratulations! Now, if you actually want to make it yours, you have to make a successful offer, one that the seller will accept.

Preparing the offer

Richard can prepare the offer for you. Here are some terms you'll see in the offer.

  • Buyer: That's you.

  • Seller: The present owners.

  • Purchase Price: The most important number. Let's hope the seller goes for it!.

  • Deposit: A cheque you write to the seller or the seller's broker. This is your way of saying 'my offer is serious'. The size of the deposit is up to you.

  • Chattels included and fixtures: Be sure you know what is included with the house—the washer and dryer, the microwave, draperies, light fixtures. Don't leave anything to 'chance'.

  • Irrevocability of the offer: The length of time you give the seller to consider your offer. Usually less than 48 hours.

  • Completion date: The glorious day you take possession! Often 30 or 60 days after signing.

  • Clauses particular to this agreement: Every transaction is unique, and you may want to add conditions that are important to you, such as a proper home inspection.

  • Richard can help ensure no details are overlooked in your offer.

Submitting the offer

You've signed on the dotted line and Richard has provided your offer to the seller.

  • The seller can accept your offer: Fantastic, when do you move in?

  • The seller can reject your offer: It's not common for an offer to be completely rejected. If it was, Richard can investigate why and see if there was some misunderstanding.

  • The seller can 'sign back' or counter your offer: The seller wants to alter some part of your offer – most likely the price. The seller will cross out the price on your offer and write a higher number, or delete or alter some conditions. Now it's your turn to sign back with any additional changes or your acceptance of the counter offer. Good luck!