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Port Coquitlam

With small town spirit, a dedication

to healthy living, friendly people and colourful festivals,

what’s not to like about Port Coquitlam? If that’s not

enough, the city also has an extensive system of outdoor

trails perfect for cycling, hiking and leisurely walks. a

vibrant city of more than 57,000 people, Port Coquitlam

sits at the confl uence of the Fraser River and the Pitt

River. The stunning 25 km (15.5 mi) Traboulay PoCo

Trail encircles the city of Port Coquitlam and is a popular

recreation spot for walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters.

along the way, you’ll pass through Gates Park, home of a

brand new outdoor fi tness facility, and Castle Park, where

wide open spaces and scenic views make this the perfect

location for the annual Canada Day celebrations and

fi reworks display. To make the most of Port Coquitlam’s

best-known trail, download a copy of the Traboulay PoCo

Trail Guide at

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